Why Join Greeley Country Club?

"I joined the Club because I was sick of the hassle of playing public golf courses. Now I can play whenever I want, on a great course that is in great condition with no more five or six hour rounds.”
-Member Since 2009

"I joined because it’s hands down, the best golf course around.”
-Member Since 2001

"We joined because we were looking for a better way to spend quality family time. We enjoy the family activities that the Club provides and the Sunday afternoons we spend on the course with our children is priceless. Our kid's love the junior programs, and I think they would be more heartbroken than anyone if we ever had to leave the Club.”
-Members Since 2010 
"My wife and I were new to the area and really didn’t know anyone. I convinced her that it would be a great way to meet people in the community and I was right. I have met so many great people at the Club and have made life-long friendships.”
-Members Since 2001

"I needed a place to entertain clients that lived up to my expectations. I am continually impressed with the consistent level of service that I receive when I am at the Club. It has been a great place to entertain clients both on and off the course.”
-Member Since 1996

"I knew golf was a great way to build business relationships. Being able to spend 4 hours with a key prospect can make all the difference in my business. Trying to play business golf at public courses presented many challenges. Becoming a member at the Greeley Country Club has worked out better than I could have imagined. Not only am I using the Club for business on a regular basis but I have found that it is a great place to relax with my family.”
-Members Since 2008

"I joined the club to reward myself, but I soon realized that it was a great place for my kids too. I never imagined that both my son and daughter would enjoy the game of golf as much as they do. The life lessons that golf teaches like honesty, integrity, respect, and perseverance have really been beneficial to them.”
-Members Since 2012

"I feel like society is losing a lot of its traditional values. I didn’t like my kids hanging out at the mall or places like that. I was looking for a safe place for my family. The Greeley Country Club is that place.” 
-Members since 2004