Membership Overview

There has been no more exciting time in the rich history of GCC
than now. With an extensive renovation plan approved by the
membership, family recreation will start and end at Greeley
Country Club. See all of the exciting details and how to join our 
community below.

CLICK HERE for full details of our renovation plans

CLICK HERE to see full renderings of the NEW Greeley Country Club!

READ HERE the Greeley Tribune article that was released about the project


Full Golf Proprietary (full golf privileges)
Junior Golf  (members under age 40)
Corporate (up to 6 designees per corporation)
Non-Resident (members with residence and work outside of 40 miles)
Social (limited golf access)

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Who is entitled to membership privileges at the Club?
Membership privileges are extended to the members' spouse or significant other and
hildren who are under the age of 23 and are not married.

These questions are provided for informational purposes only and may not be relied
n as a basis for decision to acquire a membership in the club.