Frequently Asked Questions (Golf)

Q.  Will I be able to finance my membership?

A.  Yes, depending on the type of membership acquired.

Q.  Do you have a Men's Association?  
A.  Yes, we have several Men's Association events throughout the year.

Q.  Do you have a Ladies’ Association? When do they play?

A.  The Club has two ladies' associations; The Ladies' 18-hole association and the Ladies' 9-Hole association play on Thursday morning.

Q.  Is there a Junior Program? How do I enroll my child?

A.  Yes, call the Pro Shop for details at (970) 353-2431. (Child must be 7 years old to participate)

Q.  Is there a dress code?     
Only proper golf attire may be worn on the golf course and practice areas. Proper golf attire for men consists of a collared shirt, golf slacks, golf shorts or jeans. (T-shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, athletic shorts, or jeans with holes or rips are not permitted). Attire for women consists of a collared shirt, golf slacks, skirts, shorts, and jeans. (Tank and halter tops, sweat pants,  and jeans with holes or rips are not permitted). The above restrictions apply to all junior golfers. All golfers must wear spike-less or rubber-soled shoes; proper golf shoes must be worn at all times on the golf course, and practice areas. Members are responsible for the proper attire of their guests. Any attire that GCC management deems as inappropriate for the golf course will not be allowed.
Q.  Are there gender restrictions?

A.  Yes. (See
Tee Schedule May 1 through Labor Day).

Q.  Does the professional golf staff offer lessons?  
A.   Yes, as a member of Greeley Country Club, you have the opportunity to take lessons with our PGA staff

Q.  Is there a Tournament schedule printed by the Club?  
A.  Yes, it is available in the Pro Shop, please call (970) 353-2431 with any questions.

Q.  What is Club Credit?

A.  Pro Shop credit is won during tournaments and can be used in the Pro Shop on merchandise only.

Q.  Is the Club closed on Mondays?

A.  No, GCC opens at noon unless outside tournaments are booked.

Q.  Can I bring a Guest to golf with me? How much does it cost?  
A.  Yes, having your friends enjoy the Club's fine facilities with you is an important attribute of Club Membership. Accompanied - $65 weekdays/$80 weekends Unaccompanied - $115 weekdays/$130 weekends

Q.  How much is a golf cart? Do you allow private carts?

A. $10 per person for 9 holes; $20 per person for 18 holes. Yearly Cart Passes are available - $675 for 1; $835 for family. It is good for the calendar year. No private carts.

Q.  Do you have a practice range?

A.  Yes, daily range is $15 or Yearly Range Passes are available for $360.  It is good for the calendar year.

Q.  What is Club Care and Storage? How much is it?

A.  Secured bag storage here at GCC. The cost is $110 per year. It is good for the calendar year.

Q.  Can I store my pull cart here?

A.  No, unfortunately we do not have space available to store pull carts however we have free pull carts on hand.

Q.  What is Hole-in-One Insurance? How do I get it?

A.  There is a $2 board, a $10 board and a $25 board for the men and ladies. The men can sign up for any combination of the three men's boards. You may add your name at any time, but once you have signed up, you must stay on until the end of the golf season. When a member who has signed up for Hole-In-One Insurance scores an ace on the Greeley Country Club course, everyone else signed up on same board(s) as the member shooting the hole-in-one will be billed $2, $10, or $25 respectively on that month's statement. The total amount billed to the other members will be credited to his account. A member will receive a credit from each board he is signed up on.

Q.  What if I have additional questions?

A.  Please contact the Pro Shop at 970-353-2431